The following individuals have completed the WestCycle introductory skills courses or higher for road and track and currently active coaches at MCC.

  • Ross Dyer (Head Coach)
  • Luke Dawson
  • Lachlan McCrea
  • Dharlia Haines
  • Mark Williamson
  • Andrew Ivins
  • Jan O'Brien
  • Des Smith
  • John Raphael

Ride Leaders

Our ride leaders have completed our own ride leader accreditation course and often lead our training rides.

  • Caroline Haines
  • David Anderson
  • Sasha Milosevic
  • Luke Morris
  • Mark Everett

Becoming a coach

As a club we are committed to providing a safe environment for cycling. As such we ensure that all our training rides have a certified coach in attendance.

We are always looking at expanding our coaching base. If you are interested in coaching or assisting with coaching juniors and/or adults, the club supports this development through providing specific courses for both road and track.


Courses are provided by WestCycle and are delivered by the constituent federations (State and Territory Sporting Organisations) of Cycling Australia.

The Courses

The Introductory courses are:

  • Introductory Skills Instructor (Road)
  • Introductory Skills Instructor (Track)

The Skills Instructor Course (SI) is an interactive and practical course that introduces you to the basics of coaching and cycling techniques and equipment.

It provides participants with an introduction to the basics of teaching cycling, including the planning, implementation, analysis and revision of beginner and intermediate cycling coaching sessions.

This is achieved through an understanding and application of the underpinning knowledge of the NCAS Accreditation Program specific to cycling.


Candidates are required to:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Be a financial member of Cycling Australia (CA).
  • Hold a current Apply First Aid Certificate or equivalent or complete to gain course completion
  • Have or be prepared to obtain a Working With Children card


The course is one day of face-to-face training.

In includes discussion, presentations and workshop activities, as well as a number of practical coaching modules.

What you get

Following your course enrolment, you will receive links to two online resources (Activity Book and Manual) which you will be asked to review prior to the course. You will also receive a hard copy of the ASC Beginning Coaching Manual on course.

At the successful completion of the training course, the coach will be able to:

  • Establish and maintain safe traffic-free and low traffic coaching environments for riders and others by applying appropriate risk management
  • Identify and utilise the appropriate components of cycling clothing and equipment that are required for safe and effective participation in traffic-free and low traffic coaching sessions
  • Identify the correct skills used for traffic-free and low traffic environments and analyse and develop a rider's performance
  • Plan, deliver and evaluate safe and effective coaching sessions that meet the demands of safe traffic-free and low traffic cycling
  • Be an advocate for safe cycling training, and;
  • Identify appropriate opportunities for cycling participation in the community

What to bring

You are asked to bring a helmet and a bike (which is in good working order) and to dress in suitable and comfortable clothing for both coaching and cycling

Ride Leaders

Ride Leaders

Many of our ride leaders are already club coaches. Each ride leader will wear a special MCC jersey to distinguish them within the group.

The ride leaders have each completed an online course. The course, jointly created by South Perth Rouleurs and MCC, covers various topics, including dealing with conflict, group management, understanding the needs of junior riders within the peloton, road safety and road rules.

Ride leaders are first aid trained and have each been given a mini first aid kit to carry with them whilst riding.

The MCC committee would ask that you give your support to all of our ride leaders and afford them the respect they deserve.

Inaugural ride leaders are:

  • Luke Dawson
  • Jan O’Brien
  • Lachlan McCrea
  • Caroline Haines
  • David Anderson
  • Mark Everett
  • Luke Morris