Racing at Midland Cycle Club

Midland Cycle Club actively participates in the cycling disciplines of Road, Track, and Criterium Racing.

Road Racing

Road Racing is conducted outdoors on paved roads and generally covers longer distances than Criterium or Track racing. Road Racing includes mass start races, multi-race stage races, and individual and team time trial races against the clock.

Criterium Racing

Criterium, or "crit", racing consists of several laps around a closed circuit. The distance of each lap and overall race time is typically much less than a road race, resulting in an intense race with many tight corners. Criteriums are often raced to a fixed time duration, rather than a fixed distance, with a bell being rung to indicate the final lap.

Track Racing

Track Racing is raced on specially built banked Velodromes, such as the indoor Perth SpeedDome, on specialized bikes without brakes or gear shifting. This category of racing encompasses several disciplines including Sprint, Time Trials, Individual and Team Pursuits, Scratch Racing, and Points Racing.

Road Racing


Contact our Road Coache, Luke Dawson for further information.


Road races are held in WA predominantly in the Metro area between May and October each year


Collie, Goldfields, Collie-Donnybrook, Chidlow, York, Peel, Beverley.

Grades & Distances

Below is an example of distances for Chidlow Road Race

A Grade Men 89km 5 laps 9am
B Grade Men (inclusive of U17 or lower) 71km 4 laps 9.03am
A Grade Women 71km 4 laps 9.05am
C Grade Men 53km 3 laps 9.10am
B Grade Women (inclusive of U17 or lower) 53km 3 laps 9.12am
D Grade Men* (inclusive of U15 or lower) 41km 2.5 laps 9.15am
C Grade Women (inclusive of U15 or lower) 35km 2 laps 9.20am
D Grade Women (inclusive of U15 or lower) 35km 2 laps 9.20am
E Grade Men* 25km 1.5laps 9.22am
E Grade Women 17.8km 1 lap 9.25am
Under 13's 17.8km 1 lap 9.25am
Under 11s** (if sufficient numbers) 8km 0.45 laps 9.26am

Criterium Racing


Criterium, or crit, is a bicycle race consisting of several laps around a closed circuit over a timed period, at the end of the designated time the riders are usually given two laps to go. This provides for fantastic racing and exciting spectator viewing with onlooker being able to get close up to the action.

Midland Cycle Club 2019 Champions


Contact our Road Coach, Luke Dawson for further information.


Between December and March each year.


Wellard, Gnangara, Bentley, Bunbury, Pemberton, Rockingham, Leederville

Grades & Race Times

Circuits general range in distance between 1.5 to 2 km long.

  • A Men 50min +2 laps
  • A Women 40 +2 laps
  • B Men 40 +2 laps
  • B Women 30 +2 laps
  • C Men 30 +2 laps
  • C Women 25 +2 laps
  • D Men 25 +2 laps
  • D Women 20 + 2 laps
  • E 20+2 laps
  • Under 13's 15 + 2 laps

Track Racing


All our track training takes place at the Midvale SpeedDome.


The Midvale SpeedDome is the 'home' of the Midland Cycle Club, Wednesday is our Club night and with the availability of over 20 hire bikes, sets us apart from most other clubs in WA.

Our track program is designed by our accredited coaches to meet the needs of all levels and also involves guest specialist coaches throughout the year.


Contact our Track Coache, Ross Dyer for further information.


Wednesday 5PM or 6.30PM depending on skill or experience




Midvale SpeedDome

Eddie Barron Dr, Middle Swan WA 6056



Sprint races are generally between 8 and 10 laps in length and focus on raw sprinting power and race tactics over a small number of laps to defeat opponents. Sprint riders will train specifically to compete in races of this length and will generally not compete in longer endurance races.

The main sprint events are:

  • Sprint
  • Team sprint
  • Keirin
  • Track time trial


Endurance races are held over much longer distances. While these primarily test the riders endurance abilities, the ability to sprint effectively is also required in the Madison, points race and scratch race. The length of these races varies from 12–16 laps for the individual and team pursuit races, up to 120 laps for a full length Madison race in World Championships or Olympic Games.

The main endurance events are:

  • Individual pursuit
  • Team pursuit
  • Scratch race
  • Points race
  • Madison
  • Omnium
  • Handicap or Hare and Hounds
  • Miss and Out, elimination

Tour of Margaret River

The Tour of Margaret River

Tour of Margaret River
Tour of Margaret River


The Tour of Margaret River is held over four days in November and is the ultimate in a fun staged racing experience for our cyclists.

MCC enters numerous teams of six into TOMR and it is fantastic event and a week away with families and the club.


Contact our President, Lachlan McCrea for further information.


Held in November each year


In and around the Margaret River region.


Teams of 6

The unique format of the Tour means that amateur cyclists can compete directly against riders from the pro tour peloton. Designed especially for teams, TOMR is a highly tactical race where competitors are allocated points in a way specific to each stage.

Tour of Margaret River
Tour of Margaret River

Summer Twilight Criteriums 2019

Summer Twilight Criteriums are back!

MCC are hosting Saturday Twilight Criteriums at the Midvale SpeedDome.

Eddie Barron Drive, Midland

A, B, C, D mixed race grades with separate points, end of series prizes for each grade;

1st Male, 1st Female, 1st Junior (U15/U17/U19)

Junior race for U11 and U13 - separate points


  • Saturday 23rd November 2019
  • Saturday 4th January 2020
  • Saturday 8th February 2020

Racing starts at 3.30pm

Summer Criteriums 2019 Flyer
Summer Criteriums 2019 Flyer
Summer Criteriums 2019 Flyer 2
Summer Criteriums 2019 Flyer 2